Remote support, audio streaming and remote control at the tip of your clients’ fingers: Most Signia hearing aids are compatible with useful apps for Android and iOS smartphones. This overview shows you the features of each app in detail.

Audio streaming and remote control Remote

myControl App

touchControl App

Availability Apple App Store/
Google Play Store
Apple App Store/
Google Play Store
Use case Hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity All primax E, all binax, Orion 2, Sirion 2, Intuis 3 and Prompt and Run hearing aids
Remote control features
Transmission signal Bluetooth
High frequency coded signal
High frequency coded signal
Volume adjustment
Independent volume adjustment (R/L) ● B
Program change
Mute I
Remote Microphone J
SoundBalance adjustment
Adjustable system sounds C
Spatial Configurator adjustment ● D
Automatic listening situations ● E
Power-on-Delay configuration ● E
Battery status read-out
Low battery level
Voice activity tracking E
Sound exposure
Wearing time
User guide
Adaptive streaming volume ● E
Smartphone motion sensor usage
Hearing aid airplane mode

(A) Programmable via Connexx.

(B) Configurable via Connexx.
(C) Volume level adjustment not available with Pure 13 BT primax.
(D) Available with performance levels 7 and 5, only.
(E) Not available with Pure 13 BT primax.
(F) Output via the number of signal tones in the hearing aid.
(G) For Pure 312 Nx, Pure 13 Nx, Motion 13 Nx and Pure 13 BT primax only.
(H) After activation via customer service.
(I) Hearing aid microphones can be muted while streaming.
(J) Not available in the app version on Google Play Store.