Learn about the Signia hearing aid brand and how it represents our dedication to improving the lives of people with hearing loss.

Introducing the Signia Hearing Aid Brand

The Signia hearing aid brand was introduced a year after the formation of Sivantos, one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers and a top supplier of first-class accessories, fitting software, and diagnostic workflow solutions.



Hearing aids co-branded Signia and Siemens represent a proud history of quality and innovation while inventing the future of better hearing. Signia builds on Siemens’ heritage of innovation to create a more emotional and agile brand dedicated to improving the lives of people with hearing loss.


Signia. Inventing the future of better hearing.

Our philosophy has always revolved around improving the lives of people with hearing loss. The introduction of our new brand, Signia, marks the beginning of many more life-changing innovations. A brand whose values are even more forward thinking, customer centered, and quality driven.

Forward thinking.

Continuous innovation and improvement call for passion, courage and, above all, forward thinking. With Signia, we constantly look ahead, pushing the limits and challenging the impossible in the search of new ways help people hear to what is important to them.

Customer centered

The true value of innovation is measured by the benefit it brings to others. With Signia, everything we do – from developing life-changing technology to personalized hearing care – is customer centered and focused on making a positive contribution to the lives of our customers.

Quality driven

The highest levels of reliability, accuracy, and usability are vital prerequisites for all Signia products. With quality at our core, we strive ceaselessly to set new standards of performance and quality because we know this is how we are measured.

Signia primax hearing aids.

With our philosophy and core values serving as a guiding light, we are committed to inventing the future of better hearing – so that everyone can experience and enjoy the colors of sound.

Signia primax introduces the world’s first hearing aids clinically proven to reducing listening effort and provide better than normal hearing*.