What primax Can Do for Your Patients

Our new primax platform offers many advanced features for your patients. Here is a summary of these enhancements and what they can do to make hearing aid wearers’ listening experiences more effortless than ever before.

primax SPEECH: Enhancing voice in every speech situation.

More than a single feature or innovation, SPEECH is a collection of algorithms that work in concert to require less listening effort. SPEECH analyzes the acoustic environment and employs the first technology that is clinically proven to isolate the target speaker from unwanted surrounding noise and other speech. SPEECH acts as a conductor orchestrating digital noise reduction, directionality, and amplification to reduce listening effort. This is achieved by reducing noise and highlighting the dominant speaker’s voice in all speech environments throughout the day.

primax’s unique features: For situational sound enhancement.

From talking on the phone to reverberant environments, for single-sided deafness, and maximized music enjoyment, primax provides dedicated programs that deliver exceptional sound enhancement for specific situations.