Improving hearing for vets and those still serving.

Anyone who has served in a branch of the armed services can attest to the frequency and volume of noise exposure military personnel experience. Some of the most common sources include the following:

  • Explosives
  • Artillery fire
  • Jet/ship engine noise and vibrations
  • Helicopter rotors
  • Construction tools, machinery, and equipment
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These typically exceed the safety threshold of 85 decibels (dB) by a significant margin (e.g., mortar fire can exceed 140 dB). While some members of the military report having fairly advanced hearing protection as part of their gear, many others say they only ever received simple foam earplugs ― or nothing at all. So, it’s no wonder that hearing loss and tinnitus are two of the most frequently reported service-related injuries.

Signia hearing aids for veterans and active military.

We offer a full range of hearing aids and accessories through the Veterans Administration (VA) to those eligible for VA services and benefits. You don’t have to experience the frustration and isolation of hearing loss or the aggravation of tinnitus anymore. Contact your local VA to schedule an appointment for a hearing test.



Hearing aids designed with natural hearing in mind.

Our engineers designed our hearing aids based on how you hear naturally. Just like your brain uses sound input from both ears, our primax™ line of smart hearing aids share and exchange signals received from both hearing aids. By simulating the effects of binaural hearing, our hearing aids deliver better clarity, richness of sound, and recognition of from which direction sound originated. primax hearing aids are clinically proven to deliver better than normal hearing, with less listening effort.*

Assistance for veterans with hearing loss and tinnitus.

If you’re a veteran who wishes to get your hearing tested, register via the health administration/enrollment section of the VA medical center of your choice. This can be done in person, online by filling out Form 10-10EZ, or by mailing a completed Form 10-10EZ to your chosen VA medical center. For details on the eligibility of enrolled veterans for hearing service coverage, visit the website on medical benefits.

After registering, request a referral to an Audiology and Speech Pathology Clinic from your VA primary care provider. If an audiological evaluation reveals you require hearing aids or other assistive devices, they will be provided at no charge. Your audiologist will explain how to order batteries, wax guards, and other hearing aid accessories during your consultation, as these and future repairs will also be covered by your VA benefits.

Plan to bring the following documentation to your appointment:

  • Copy of your Veteran’s DD214 (Service Record)
  • Current driver’s license
  • Relevant health insurance information

Contact your local VA to schedule an appointment for a hearing test today.

Click on the map to locate a VA facility near you.


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* Study conducted at the University of Northern Colorado, 2015, examined the effectiveness of the new features of primax by collecting and analyzing ongoing EEG data while subjects performed speech testing. For both primax features SpeechMaster and EchoShield, the objective brain behavior measures revealed a significant reduction in listening effort when the feature was activated.