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Hearing aid apps make hearing aid functions easier to access, giving users the confidence of having convenient control at all times. Patients can discreetly switch programs or change volume levels by simply tapping their smartphone, or give a speaker a microphone to make sure they don’t miss a word.

myControl App. The best hearing experience just got even better.

The new myControl™ App is made specifically for Pure® 13 and Motion® 13 BT hearing aids. It offers a range of advantages beyond direct streaming.

It acts as a relay-free remote control for quick and easy changes to settings like volume and programs, and delivers advanced adjustment options for unprecedented personalization. Similar to a fitness tracker, the myControl App helps you look after your hearing health by identifying when you are being exposed to potentially harmful noise in daily life.

The app also enables Pure 13 BT and Motion 13 BT to deliver the best possible hearing while on the move, supporting your relaxation and safety no matter what comes your way.


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touchControl App. A touch is all it takes.

Compatible with all primax™ devices, the touchControl™ App allows you to discreetly control your hearing aids from Android™ or iOS® smartphones without the need for any additional hardware. The app, which lets you change hearing programs and adjust hearing aid volume, is free to download from the Google Play™ Store or Apple® App Store.

Spatial Configurator.

Now also available in the touchControl App, the Spatial Configurator function is used to adjust the span and focus of the directional microphones, allowing you to easily concentrate on your preferred sound source. Simply enabled during setup, the function is compatible with most 7px and 5px hearing aids*.

* Bilateral fitting, TwinMic and e2e wireless 3.0 required.


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Hearing Test App. Helps determine whether you have hearing loss.

The Hearing Test was created by our audiology experts to help determine whether you have hearing loss. This application has been scientifically developed and carefully tested to ensure the most precise results possible.

In addition, the test is completely independent of language, so you can use it reliably no matter what language you’re most comfortable with.

The Hearing Test examines how well you can detect words in background noise. This is based on the knowledge that individuals with hearing loss have greater difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments, such as restaurants or subway stations.


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