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What primax can do for your patients.

primax SPEECH: Superb performance that highlights speech.

primax™ reduces listening effort by making speech understanding easier. This is achieved by selectively activating and steering three key technologies in parallel: noise reduction, directionality, and steering amplification to target, elevating the dominant speaker over all other sounds in any environment.

We call this SPEECH.

Three key technologies for effortless hearing:

  1. Noise reduction: Reduces background noise
  2. Directionality: Focuses on the direction of the target speaker
  3. Amplification: Elevates the target speaker over all other sounds in the environment

Effortless hearing that’s clinically proven.

Previously, hearing effort was primarily measured using questionnaires, rating scales, and individual measurements recorded after the hearing test. They were often inaccurate because these methods are subjective. Therefore, a new method was developed to obtain an objective measurement of listening effort based on measured brain activity.


Objectivity assured: The new test methodology.

The new test measures ongoing electroencephalographic (EEG) brain activity. This allows tests to be conducted over longer periods while the subject performs tasks such as speech intelligibility tests. Applying this novel approach, we are able to prove clinically* that primax features reduce listening effort throughout the day.

Mastering every speech situation.

What we learn in the laboratory and clinical situations fuels our quest for continual technological improvement. primax SPEECH highlights speech whenever it occurs. Now your patients can enjoy easy hearing throughout the day — be it in relatively quiet situations, such as at the breakfast table or in very difficult environments, such as a railway station.


EchoShield: No more bouncing around.

In places where there’s a lot of reverberation, normal hearing aids amplify not only direct speech, but also the echoes that bounce off walls. These reflected signals get mixed with direct speech and the overall sound quality suffers. EchoShield is made for situations just like these, softening the reflected sound for better sound quality and reduced listening effort.


On the phone: Better calls all around.


primax hearing aids improve speech understanding on the phone by allowing the signal to reach both ears simultaneously. With easyTek™, users can enjoy hands-free calls via Bluetooth®-enabled smartphones.



Or, simply use TwinPhone which works with all phones. It transmits the acoustic signals from one hearing aid to the other to reduce listening effort and improve understanding with no need for an additional accessory.


Wireless CROS/BiCROS: An end to one-sided conversation.

Designed for people with an unaidable hearing loss or single-sided deafness, primax CROS and BiCROS hearing solutions offer better all-around hearing. A CROS Pure® transmitter worn behind the unaidable ear detects sound, processes and transmits it to the primax hearing aid on the other side, allowing the wearer to hear sounds from both sides. Directionality focused to the front and skewed toward the unaidable side maintains the CROS benefit in noisy situations.

CROS solution.

Ideal for patients with normal hearing in one ear and unaidable hearing loss in the other. In the diagram, sounds from the unaidable side are sensed by the CROS Pure’s microphones, processed (e.g., for directionality) and transmitted wirelessly to the other side.


BiCROS solution.

Designed for those with an unaidable hearing loss in one ear and significant loss in the other. In the BiCROS solution shown, sound from the right is sensed by the CROS Pure, processed, and transmitted to the hearing aid on the left, which amplifies the sounds from both sides.