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Signia introduces another world’s first with Cellion™ primax™, a lithium-ion inductive charging hearing aid. Ideal for wearers who don’t want to fuss with tiny batteries weekly, Cellion begins to charge automatically as soon as you place it in its charger and turns itself on again when removed. Its rechargeable lithium-ion power cell lasts 24 hours straight on a single charge. Its unique OneShell design doesn’t have contacts or a battery door, making it superbly easy to use and highly resistant to moisture, dirt, and dust.


Key features

  • Fully encased rechargeable lithium-ion power cell
  • 24 hours continuous use with unlimited streaming
  • Contactless, inductive charging
  • IP68-rated OneShell design
  • Telecoil
  • Optional portable power bank

Inductive Charger

Hassle-free smart charging.

The inductive charger is sleek, elegant, and packed with power. After a full charge, your Cellion hearing aids are ready to deliver 24 hours of continuous outstanding hearing, even with constant audio streaming. LED indicators clearly display the status of both lithium-ion power cells. The charger even dehumidifies Cellion during the charging process for increased service life.


Inductive charger at a glance.


(1) Micro USB

Carry fewer cables when on the go with this widely used USB connector.

(2) LED indicators

Three LED lights show different charging progress statuses.

(3) Auto on/off

Cellion automatically turns off when charging begins and reactivates when removed.

(4) Superior inductive charging

No difficult-to-align charging contacts. Simply place Cellion in the cradle and it starts charging automatically.

(5) Light and compact

Smaller than a business card, lightweight construction makes the charger very portable.

(6) Fast charging

A mere four hours gives you a full charge. A 30-minute top-off provides seven hours of use.

(7) Dehumidifying action

The charger dehumidifies Cellion during the charging process.

Power packs for power on the go.

The Cellion inductive charger works with a wide range of flexible, inexpensive power packs that connect via a popular micro-USB standard for mobile devices. So, if you’re on the road for a day or two, you’ll only need to take one power pack for all of your devices.

Ask your hearing care professional for a list of compatible power packs.

Cellion primax at a glance



Greater convenience. Greater possibilities.

The best accessories complement and significantly expand what hearing aids can do. Remote controls, companion microphones, and chargers increase the convenience and usefulness of hearing aids.

Audio Streaming

easyTek. Effortless connectivity and seamless integration.

Everyone wants to connect to their digital devices, and those with hearing loss are no exception. easyTek™ is an ideal solution. This lightweight audio streamer and remote control quickly connects all e2e wireless 3.0 enabled hearing aids to Bluetooth®-enabled devices.

At a glance.


One button, all functions:

The intuitive multi-function button (1) detects the situation, adjusts the function, and controls streaming, phone calls, programs, and external audio sources.

Absolutely discreet:

The LED status indicators for Bluetooth (5) , function (6), and battery (7) are placed discreetly on the top, so they are only visible to the wearer.


The neck loop antenna (8) ensures correct positioning for reliable operation and delivers excellent sound quality to the wearer – or to a caller – through the high-performance, built-in microphones (9) .


DAI input (12) , line-in input (4), and Bluetooth wireless provide connectivity to devices such as TVs, VoiceLink, music players, laptops, smartphones, and more.

Improved streaming time:

Thanks to e2e wireless 3.0, easyTek offers reliable data transmission with minimum power consumption for exceptionally durable and reliable Bluetooth and FM streaming.

Ready to use:

Connexx is not required for pairing because easyTek works out of the box. Wearers can easily pair their hearing aids to easyTek, and easyTek to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Easy pairing.

Hearing aids: Step 1

Put easyTek around your patient’s neck. Turn easyTek on by pressing (1) until the green LED (6) turns on.


Hearing aids: Step 2

Put the hearing aids into the ears and turn them on. The green LED (6) flashes briefly and then slowly fades. Now the hearing aids are paired.


Bluetooth-enabled devices: Step 1

Turn easyTek on by pressing and holding (1) for several seconds. If the blue LED (5) does not automatically start flashing, press (1) and (2) until it does.


Bluetooth-enabled devices: Step 2

Turn on the device’s Bluetooth function. Search for easyTek and select it. The blue LED (5) flashes briefly and then slowly fades.


Transmitter: Step 1

Turn easyTek on by pressing and holding (1) for several seconds. Press (1) , (2), and (3) simultaneously until the blue LED (5) and the green LED (6) flash.


Transmitter: Step 2

Turn the transmitter on within one minute of easyTek and wait for the pairing to complete. This takes approximately two minutes. The blue LED (5) will stop flashing and remain on.


*The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by Sivantos is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

Accessories for easyTek

The following accessories are available to support additional easyTek functions:


easyTek: TV Transmitter.

The TV Transmitter connects televisions without Bluetooth functionality to the easyTek accessory, enabling wireless audio streaming directly into a wearer’s hearing aids. Now you can fully enjoy your favorite shows.



Companion microphone: VoiceLink.

VoiceLink™ wirelessly connects to easyTek. The user simply hands the microphone to a speaker, and then it streams the speaker’s voice directly to the hearing aids. Especially helpful in difficult listening situations like meetings or lecture halls.

Download easyTek App




Remote Controls


Remote control: easyPocket.

easyPocket™ is sleek and comes with with large buttons and an easy-to-read display to give users with dexterity and vision challenges easy control of their hearing aids.


Discreet control: miniPocket.

An ideal option for anyone wanting discreet, convenient control of their hearing aids without requiring use of a large remote control or smartphone. Reliable and simple to use, the miniPocket™ is small enough to carry on a key ring yet powerful enough to control all necessary hearing aid features.

touchControl App. A touch is all it takes.

Compatible with all primax™ devices, the touchControl™ App allows you to discreetly control your hearing aids from Android™ or iOS® smartphones without the need for any additional hardware. The app, which lets you change hearing programs and adjust hearing aid volume, is free to download from the Google Play™ Store or Apple® App Store.

Spatial Configurator.

Now also available in the touchControl App, the Spatial Configurator function is used to adjust the span and focus of the directional microphones, allowing you to easily concentrate on your preferred sound source. Simply enabled during setup, the function is compatible with most 7px and 5px hearing aids*.

* Bilateral fitting, TwinMic and e2e wireless 3.0 required.


Download touchControl App




Cellion primax Technical Data Sheet