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New and improved with its modern, flat design, Connexx® Eight is the digital hub for our hearing aids. It supports all the hearing aids from Connexx 7, plus the complete range of new primax devices. Whether you’re in a consultation, programming hearing aids, or offering your patients individual care, Connexx Eight supports you at every step for a fast and efficient workflow.

Faster, fluent fitting.

Connexx Eight‘s parallel programming technology means that you can continue making adjustments while the hearing aids are actively programmed in the background. Thanks to an uninterrupted, more fluent and faster fitting process, you’ll have even more time for personalized patient consultations.

Clear to see: The status bar indicates whether hearing aids are still being programmed while you make further adjustments.

Enhanced details. Improved workflow.

To enhance your workflow, Connexx Eight comes with many new and improved features. Working seamlessly across primax™, binax™ and micon™ platforms, Mimic Fit™ for example transfers the fine-tuning settings from a wearer’s former hearing aids to the new ones, so you don’t have to start at the beginning every time.

For quicker and more precise adjustments, changes in frequency shape can now be made directly in the Curve View with a drag-and-drop of your mouse. Plus, the new Curve View now also displays the MPO next to gain/output – making your workflow even more convenient.

Thanks to all its improvements, Connexx Eight saves you time and effort every day.

Quicker, more precise changes: The new Curve View allows you to adjust the curve directly in the chart.
All values at a glance: The new Curve View now even displays the MPO next to gain/output.

QR-code generator for touchControl App.

Save time and effort with the QR-code: Your patients can scan the code on the printable single-page instruction sheet and set up the app in just one step. Program names and features for the touchControl™ App are configured automatically.


Download the Connexx Quick Fit Guide for Dispensers