primax product portfolio

Welcome to the future.

Whatever the situation or your patient’s preference — RIC, BTE, or ITE — you can offer them the natural ease of listening all day long with primax™.

Outstanding primax hearing aid technology is available in performance levels 7px, 5px, and 3px. From Ace™ and Pure® primax RICs to Motion® primax standard BTEs and Insio™ primax ITEs, there’s a perfect hearing aid for almost every hearing loss. Plus, with its CROS Pure solution, primax also offers wearers with unaidable hearing loss in one ear easier all-around listening.

In addition, there’s a range of advanced accessories available for these new hearing aids. With their extended connectivity options to external devices via easyTek™, or discreet hearing aid remote control via the touchControl™ App and easyTek™ App, primax makes life even easier for wearers.