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Unity™ 3 is a PC-controlled diagnostic and fitting system designed to simplify and speed up many of your daily work processes. Above and beyond that, it makes your business more cost-effective by minimizing downtime for calibration and service.


The perfect modular concept.

The modular hardware and software system components offer utmost flexibility to fit your individual needs, and its versatility enables faster and better measurements – so you can offer your patients a more pleasant, comfortable fitting experience with more precise results. Learn how Unity 3 intuitively supports the work of any hearing care professional – before, during and after the fitting process.

Stylish and with minimum space requirements. The fitting unit can be attached to the hearing instrument testbox (HIT) unit.

Easy to use

  • Common software interface across all Unity modules follows the typical workflow and fitting steps carried out by hearing care professionals.
  • Binaural measurements can be performed simultaneously, reducing measurement time by half.
  • Flexible probe microphone system enables uncomplicated positioning of probe microphones, regardless of ear size.
  • Fully compatible with NOAH fitting software for seamless integration.
  • Seamless integration with Connexx® 7, and thanks to AutoFit™, there is no need to toggle between different fitting tools.
  • Unity’s completely independent architecture enables use as standalone system with its own patient database.

Smart service support

  • All transducers have their own calibration data stored onboard. Thanks to the plug-and-play concept, you do not need to wait for the calibration service to come up, but can simply plug them in and start working.
  • No service downtime. Benefit from plug-and-play transducers and perform sound-field calibration with the included measurement probe microphone.
  • Automatic software updates and upgrades with our update manager.

Small dimensions

  • Unity has never been smaller or lighter.
  • Fits any room concept. The fitting unit can be partly mounted to a wall or attached below a desktop.
  • Take only what you need: The modular system can be disassembled and allows you to take only the small fitting unit on the go while leaving the larger testbox behind.


Audiometer module.

Premium possibilities at your fingertips.

The fully functional two-channel diagnostic audiometer module is optimized for pure-tone and speech audiometry, plus a host of other premium features.

With high-frequency, pure-tone testing up to 16 kHz and the ability to perform Weber and TEN tests, the audiometer module is able to support all common hearing tests. The module can be controlled via keyboard and mouse, and the interface features include many overlay options in the audiometer view.

It enables comparison and timely analysis of changes and a 16 kHz view for high frequency losses. In addition, the speech audiometry monitoring function helps you automatically score the results and protocol the used test words, as well as the given answers. This avoids repetition of test words in later sessions.


Convenient, customized testing – wherever you are.

The portable combination of headphones and fitting unit allows for a comfortable, personalized hearing analysis – even when you are out on visits.

HF audiometry screen.

This screen provides a true binaural view on the frequency range up to 16 kHz with all relevant data and required controls in one screen. The clearly structured screen provides a maximum overview and supports intuitive handling.


Speech audiometer graphical view.

The speech audiometer graphical display allows both manual and automated input of speech test results. Used test word lists and client responses will be stored together with the data and can be displayed for each test point on demand.

Real ear measurement

Fast, individual fitting for the real world.

Unity 3’s real ear measurement module delivers real-world test results with exceptional features and measurement options.

The adjustable probe microphone system enables easy placement. Binaural measurements can be performed simultaneously to improve your workflow. And the module is compatible with AutoFit from Connexx 7.3 onwards for the fastest possible individual fitting.


A perfect fit for precise results.

Together with the fitting unit, the robust probe microphones deliver perfect measurement results. They can be easily adjusted to fit any ear. No matter what the size or form, they sit comfortably and securely, even when testing children

Testing and evaluation options.

  • Possible measurements:
    Unaided, aided, occluded (both gain and output), insertion gain, and RECD.
  • Practical test signals:
    ISTS, LTASS, ICRA, and many different noises.
  • Applicable prescriptive formulas:
    DSL v5, NAL-NL1 and NAL-NL2,and manual target input for individualized evaluation.
Real ear measurement screen: With a binaural view of real time measurement data, this screen allows you to visualize all the necessary information.

Speech mapping module.

Clear visualization for excellent fitting results.

Speech mapping allows you to visually demonstrate hearing aid benefits, so that your patients can experience the difference first-hand, right away.

A large selection of sound samples assists you during tests and demonstrations. The percentile analysis function enables fittings for non-linear hearing aids. And simultaneous binaural measurements help you serve your patient more efficiently than ever.

Speech mapping screen.

Use this screen to visualize how the hearing aids process live speech, recorded speech, or any other noise. You can also demonstrate hearing aid features such as noise reduction or directionality, and explain their effects to your patient.


Percentile analysis screen.

This screen allows you to visually display and analyze the dynamic range of live signals that are processed by the hearing aids. Its analysis includes the whole spectrum of broadband sound signals. Percentile analysis also provides means to adjust the hearing aids for both the loud and soft parts of a speech signal.


Hearing instrument testbox unit.

Outstanding elegance and precise measurements.

The hearing instrument testbox unit features a large test chamber to provide excellent acoustics for hearing aid tests and hearing aid configuration before your patient arrives.

Sleek design, exact results.

Accurately pre-set and test hearing aids with the large hearing instrument testbox unit. Its stylish design makes it a professional eye-catcher for your office environment.


Standard available tests:

  • IEC 60118-7
  • IEC 60118-15 (in combination with the speech mapping module)
  • ANSI S3.22
The HIT measurement screen demonstrates what is happening inside the testbox unit during test sessions. It provides clearly structured test orders, automatic test runs and readout of data.