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11/15/16: Signia myHearing App and Cellion selected as CES Innovation Awards Honorees

Signia’s myHearing™ smartphone app has been selected as a CES Innovation Awards Honoree in the Software and Mobile Apps product category. Cellion™ has been selected as an CES Innovation Awards Honoree in two categories: Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies and Accessible Tech. Both groundbreaking products, based on our proven primax™ platform, were launched during the EUHA Congress in October 2016.


11/14/16: Tech Motus

How to Keep Your Hearing for Life

Like many people, you’re probably under the impression that hearing loss, much like gray hair and wrinkles, is just something that happens as you get older. But it doesn’t have to if you take proactive steps to protect hearing before it fades. Here are some suggestions to help you enjoy hearing the sounds of life for as long as you live.

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10/27/16 Forbes

Hearing Aids Enter The ‘Autonomous Listening’ Age

There are many hearing aid manufacturers, but Signia Pure hearing aids are a revelation in technology-driven innovation. Much like Tesla Motors is pushing the limits on autonomous driving, Signia is exploring the limits of autonomous ‘listening’. It could be the start of a truly remarkable tech revolution for people dependent upon technology to help them with everyday tasks.


10/20/16: MarketWired Press Release

Signia’s myHearing app instantly connects hearing aid patients and hearing care professionals

Signia is helping to shape the future of hearing health care with myHearing™ — the new app for iPhone® and Android™ devices that enables two-way communication between hearing aid wearers and hearing care professionals.


10/17/16: MarketWired Press Release

Signia’s New Rechargeable Hearing Aid Goes 24 Hours With Unlimited Streaming

Signia, the global leader in rechargeable hearing aids, has announced Cellion — the world’s first lithium-ion-powered rechargeable hearing aid that makes use of wireless inductive charging technology.

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10/11/16: Huffington Post

What You Need to Know About Hearing Loss and Alzheimer’s Risk

Many of us are resigned to the idea that with aging comes hearing loss. It’s unavoidable, but not much more than an annoyance, right? Especially when compared to the far bigger concerns we have about getting older like developing Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. But the fact is a growing body of research supports the theory that when left untreated, hearing loss can contribute to functional impairments like Alzheimer’s disease.


10/4/16: Hearing Health Matters

Listening Out Of The Classroom

Children with hearing loss face various challenges inside and outside the school classroom. They require less reverberation, better signal-to-noise ratios, and shorter distances from a speaker to achieve speech recognition comparable to their normal hearing peers (Crandell, 1992). While hearing aids help provide children with needed amplification, they alone cannot always overcome the noisy challenges of school environments.


8/1/16: Living Better at 50

Hearing Loss Increases Physical Risk

Unaddressed hearing loss taxes our mental resources, forcing our brains to use its precious resources on trying to hear instead of on maintaining our balance and other cognitive tasks. Fortunately, advanced hearing aids are available to alleviate the cognitive overload associated with struggling to hear all day, and can help seniors with hearing loss enjoy fuller, independent lives longer.


7/15/16: GearDiary.com

Signia Has Made Hearing Aids Sexy; No, Really!

If the old-fashioned “ear-trumpet” is what you think of when you think of a hearing aid, you’re only a couple of centuries behind on the tech. Today’s hearing aids are tiny, little things that help their wearers hear well without being obvious or conspicuous.

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7/12/16: SlashGear.com

Signia primax Insio & Pure hearing aid review: one of the most advanced wearable devices

In this review, Signia offered me the Pure® primax™ (Receiver in Canal or RIC) and a custom Insio™ primax “near” invisible-in-canal (IIC) version (more on this later). I’ve worn both extensively over the past months – long enough to be able to share and recommend the right version for you.

SP070802 Hearing ScreeningEar Sound WavesIllustration: Tom Centola

7/5/2016: Advance for Speech & Hearing

Sound Reasoning – 5 reasons you should wear hearing aids to work

If you’ve skipped wearing hearing aids to work or feared using hearing accessories openly, here are five sound reasons to flaunt them with confidence.


6/15/16: ThirdAge.com

Life with Harry’s Hearing Loss

Harry is 62 and has been married to his college sweetheart, Sue, for almost 40 years. Sue knows that Harry doesn’t hear as well as he used to, but she’s not sure what to do about it.

Brain Strain

6/9/16: AudiologyOnline

Reducing listening effort via primax hearing technology

The primary goal of amplification is improving speech understanding. When listening situations become noisier or more challenging, this is even more important. However, beyond improving speech intelligibility, another indicator of the effectiveness of hearing aid fittings that has sometimes been overlooked is the cognitive demands, or listening effort required for speech understanding to take place.

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5/13/16: Livingbetter50.com

Why Getting a Hearing Test is a Must Do in Your Sixties

Depending on the life stage you’re entering on your next milestone birthday, your personal physician will present a set of tests they want you to undergo to maintain optimal health. Unfortunately, one important test recommendation some neglect to mention is for your hearing.

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4/29/16: Hearing Review

Benefits of Binaural Beamforming for Individuals with Severe Hearing Loss

New research shows it is reasonable to expect the same speech recognition benefit for individuals with severe hearing impairment when using binax beamforming technology as previously reported for those with mild-to-moderate losses.


4/19/16 Hearing Health Matters

Hearing Aid Battery Dangers

As hearing aids continue to shrink in size, their batteries have kept pace. Small “button” batteries can easily be swallowed by pets and small children, and even adults have done so by accident. Depending on the type of battery involved, ingestion can simply require waiting for nature to take its course ― or become a life-threatening emergency.


4/18/16: AudiologyOnline

Signia Introduces New Hearing Aids on the primax Platform

Interview with Alina Urdaneta, Vice President, Marketing & Education at Signia.


4/13/16 Performer

How Musicians Can Prevent Hearing Damage

Musicians have traditionally resisted wearing hearing protection. Their reasons for avoiding it range from not wanting anything to interfere with hearing every nuance of sound to concerns about appearing “nerdy.” What many fail to realize is that lack of hearing safety now translates to hearing loss and tinnitus later ― neither of which is conducive to creating or enjoying music.

3/29/16 ADVANCE for Speech & Hearing

Combating Tinnitus

While there is no cure, treatment options are available to soldiers returning home with ringing in their ears.


3/26/16: Hearing Review

Clinical Studies Show Advanced Hearing Aid Technology Reduces Listening Effort

A novel study using EEG activity to assess listening effort suggests that the new Signia primax™ hearing aids do, indeed, reduce listening effort.


3/16/16 Audiology Online

Signia Hosts Active Kids & Teens Training

Signia held the third National Kids and Teens meeting on March 7-9, 2016 in its Piscataway, NJ headquarters.  This year’s theme was empowering and advocating for kids and teens with hearing loss. Presenters provided practical and educational information to help hearing care professionals serve their older pediatric patients. Attendees also received a preview of the new primax™ product platform.


2/15/16: AudiologyOnline

Sivantos Introduces Premium Hearing Aid Brand Signia

Q & A with Alina Urdaneta, Vice President of Marketing and Education, Sivantos, Inc.

Hearing in Crowds

2/8/16: ADVANCE

Hearing in Crowds

Imagine a busy restaurant, a crowded dinner party or noisy classroom.  Following a conversation in these situations with so much noise and so many people is difficult for anyone.  But if you have a hearing loss, then it becomes nearly impossible.


2/8/16 Living Well

Top 3 Hearing Protection Myths

Protecting yourself from noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) should be a year-round consideration. With more options than ever to keep your ears safe in a wide variety of loud settings, there is really no reason to take chances with your hearing anymore although many people will likely continue to use the same old excuses for not doing so. Here are three of the most common reasons given for skipping hearing protection and why they don’t hold up under scrutiny.


1/12/16 Hearing Health Matters

Employees with Hearing Disability: Know Your Rights

Job-related issues are a major area of concern for people with hearing loss everywhere.  In this article, Lisa Klop of Sivantos shares important information that is valuable even for those not covered by the American ADA.