Our new platform Signia Nx delivers the most natural own voice and the better speech understanding in noise, while combining the most advanced connectivity systems.


Performance Levels

Audiology 7Nx

 OVP™ (Own VoiceProcessing)


Own Voice Processing (OVP™) utilizes real-time recognition of the wearer’s voice to deliver a natural own-voice impression.

3D Classifier


Unlike conventional classification systems which rely on acoustic data, 3D Classifier analyzes multi-dimensional information from the wearer’s environment and communication behavior. Information on the wearer’s voice activity, motion state, and acoustic data are used to tailor the hearing aid’s response to the wearer’s needs.

Sound Clarity

Sound Clarity provides lifelike sound which covers the full spectrum of wearing situations. Exceptional clarity is achieved with features such as: HD Spatial, extended dynamic range, extended bandwidth, EchoShield, HD Music, eWindScreen™, speech and noise management and feedback cancellation.

Speech Quality

Speech Quality delivers improved understanding of other people’s voices in noise by using an exclusive technology called Ultra HD e2e. Features which utilize Ultra HD e2e include narrow directionality, Spatial SpeechFocus™ and TwinPhone.

Direct Streaming


Signia Nx hearing aids can be connected directly to Apple devices for phone calls and audio streaming – without additional accessories. With the StreamLine Mic accessory, direct streaming is possible also from Android devices. With the StreamLine TV accessory, high-quality stereo sound can be streamed directly to Nx hearing aids.

You Adjust


Technically inclined wearers often appreciate having extra control over their hearing aids. Signia Nx hearing aids offer these wearers a comprehensive range of adjustment options via the myControl App.

●●●●● = highest feature performance