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Signia’s tinnitus solutions help you better serve your patients and your practice.

Our new Treating Tinnitus with Signia program is continually expanding. We are now offering several new resources to support your patients and your practice.

This program delivers extras like webinars, trainings, and mentoring to support you, the hearing care professional (HCP) and your patients. We offer numerous resource documents, including questionnaires to assist you in gathering pertinent information from patients to better identify, understand, and support their tinnitus needs.

Additionally, The Introduction to Sound Therapy provides a better understanding of sound therapy signals. The Counseling Guide contains reference materials to help guide your tinnitus management practice and help your patients manage their negative reactions toward tinnitus.

Signia will continue to add new content and solutions to better serve the needs of patients who suffer from this common problem. 

Signia offers a complete line of hearing aids with tinnitus therapy solutions.

Notch Therapy Lady

From RICs and BTEs to customs and rechargeables, Signia has a variety of products with tinnitus therapy solutions.


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