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Signia TeleCare is a revolutionary application designed and built by hearing care professionals to help you set a new standard of care.

From your computer to your patient’s smartphone, TeleCare offers you a whole new way to stay closer to patients than ever before. Wherever they may be.

TeleCare delivers the future of hearing healthcare into your hands. Using an intuitive smartphone app for hearing aid wearers and an easy-to-use professional portal, it enables you to achieve a new level of success and growth in your business based on higher quality of service, efficient trialing, and happier patients.

A recent study* shows that the three top areas that impact overall patient satisfaction are:

  • Quality of service after purchase
  • Quality of counseling throughout the process
  • Quality of service during the fitting

* Better Hearing Institute. (2015, March). MarkeTrak 9: A New Baseline (Final Report). Washington, DC.


For patients: myHearing App

  • Listening exercises
  • Guided assistance
  • Personal progress: Feedback & ratings
  • CareChat: Text, voice and video communication
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Remote control function

For the hearing care professional: Web portal

  • Monitor patient progress
  • View feedback
  • Communicate via CareChat
  • Fine-tune remotely

Why TeleCare?

Today’s hearing aid wearers are empowered and proactive about their health and well-being. They are increasingly focused on immediacy, real-time connectivity, and personal comfort. They’ve come to expect the highest standard of care. Many wearers live busy, active lifestyles with no time to waste.

At the same time, you are facing the commoditization of the hearing care industry and being challenged to set a new standard of care that will differentiate you from competitors.

Currently, during the crucial period when a patient begins using their hearing aids for the very first time, they are mostly left to adapt on their own. This is a critical time of acclimatization that can lead to either a successful adoption of the hearing aids or rejection and return. By developing TeleCare and eliminating this “blind spot” in hearing care, we’ve given you a valuable tool for improving patient outcomes.


Hearing care professionals often report their patients:

  • Come in for a follow-up appointment having rarely worn their hearing aids
  • Show little motivation to evaluate their hearing aids throughout the trial phase
  • Haven’t understood or remembered as much about hearing loss and hearing aids as expected
  • Return their hearing aids

Signia TeleCare offers you five key advantages:

1. Excite and motivate your patients.

Engaging step-by-step listening exercises and guided assistance help new wearers learn and adapt quickly to their hearing aids, promoting faster acclimatization.

2. Transparency on patient satisfaction in real-time.

Structured wearer feedback on individual listening situations and overall ratings provide valuable insights into your patients’ personal progress, so you can identify issues and initiate contact, or prepare in advance for their visit.

3. Stay closer to your patients with easy communication.

Real-time text, voice and video CareChat capabilities enable easy, direct communication with your patients. You can troubleshoot any problems quickly and efficiently, saving you time and appointments.

4. Make your patients happy wherever they — or you — are.

Signia TeleLink greatly improves the speed and convenience of minor adjustments by giving you the ability to change selected parameters in your patients’ hearing aids remotely. It thereby helps you to minimize disruptions during the initial adoption period and avoid extra visits to your clinic.

5. All of your patients can experience TeleCare’s benefits.

TeleCare is an ideal application for all patients, as it works with all Signia hearing aids and is optimized for Signia primax™ products.

The high-impact result: TeleCare from Signia puts you on the fast track toward the future of hearing healthcare. Experience a new level of success and boost growth for your business based on higher quality of service, efficient trialing, and happier patients.

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