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StreamLine TV feeds audio from your television directly into your hearing aids in Dolby Digital quality. It offers intuitive, fully automatic handling for a state-of-the-art wireless listening experience.


Multiple listeners support

StreamLine TV offers the most convenient way of “TV watching with your family” if there are other members in your family wearing hearing aids. StreamLine TV enables direct streaming into multiple pairs of compatible Signia hearing aids at the same time.


Easy remote control via App

Via using myControl App, you can easily start and pause TV streaming as well as adjust the volume as you want to without any need for an onboard control.

Learn more about myControl App

Compatibility with other Signia connectivity technologies

StreamLine TV is fully compatible with other streaming technologies offered by Signia. In that way, you can accept a phone call while you are watching TV, where TV streaming will automatically be paused.


Thanks to StreamLine TV, audio from televisions can be fed directly into Signia Nx and BT hearing
aids. Wearers can even adjust the volume individually via the myControl App. All wearers of the Nx and BT hearing aids have direct binaural streaming for TV via the StreamLine TV.

This includes:
• Use without myControl App
• Non-Smartphone users

StreamLine TV is compatible with all televisions with one of the following connections:

  1. TOSLINK cable (optical / digital)
  2. Cinch cable (RCA / analog)
  3. Jack adapter


  • Automatic pairing with hearing aids
  • Direct streaming up to a distance of 10m
  • Optical input and output
  • Supports Dolby Digital sound
  • Simultaneous streaming to multiple sets of hearing aids with one StreamLine TV
  1. Set up button
  2. Cinch connections
  3. TV status display
  4. Power display
  5. Mode button
  6. TOSLINK connections (optical)
  7. Power adapter

Fully automatic pairing - pair StreamLine TV with your hearing aids in three easy steps:

  1. Turn on StreamLine TV
  2. Switch the hearing aids off and on
  3. Place both hearing aids on the StreamLine TV

The pairing process starts automatically. As soon as pairing is complete, both LED displays turn blue for about 30 seconds.

Pairing only needs to be performed once. StreamLine TV can be paired with multiple sets of hearing aids.

If ordered together, Signia will pair all Nx and BT hearing aids to the Streamline TV.

Intuitive LED display

Effortless handling: The intuitive LED display provides a clear overview of StreamLine TV’s connection status.


White power display: StreamLine TV is starting.


Both displays flash blue: StreamLine TV is switched on but not paired with any hearing aids.


Both displays turn blue for about 30 seconds: Pairing is complete.


Green power display and blue status display: StreamLine TV is connected to another electronic device (whether or not an audio signal is being transmitted).


Both displays glow green: StreamLine TV is receiving an audio signal via the Cinch connection.


Green power display and a flashing green status display: StreamLine TV is not receiving an audio signal via the Cinch connection or the volume is too low.


Green power display and a flashing red status display: The signal format is not supported.


Red power display: StreamLine TV is switched on but not receiving an audio signal.


Both displays flash red: Error. Please contact your hearing care professional.

Connecting StreamLine TV

TOSLINK connection

  • Before connecting the cable, remove the protection caps from the TOSLINK cable plugs.
  • Plug the cable into the TOSLINK input of the transmitter and into the TOSLINK (optical audio) output of electronic device. To prevent the TOSLINK cable from breaking, do not forcefully bend it.

Further information:

  • Refer to the electronic device’s manual: set the output format of the electronic device to either PCM(pulse-code modulation) or Dolby® Digital.*

RCA connection

  • Plug the cable into the RCA connections of the transmitter.
  • Plug the other side of the cable into the RCA output of the electronic device. Or via adapter into the SCART or mini jack output of the electronic device.

Connecting to StreamLine TV

Connect your StreamLine TV with home theater amplifier



Connect your StreamLine TV with a sound bar


Further information:

  • The TOSLINK output of the transmitter may be used
    to connect further TOSLINK devices such as external
    Dolby decoders or surround sound systems.

How to handle StreamLine TV

StreamLine TV FAQs