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Tinnitus Therapy Feature

We are pleased to offer all primax hearing instruments with a tinnitus therapy feature for use with tinnitus patients. One of the key factors in treating tinnitus is learning to control it. Many tinnitus treatments involve the use of an external acoustic training device. All Signia primax models offer tinnitus patients sophisticated technology with discreet size and easy-to-wear instruments.


The use of tinnitus instruments is based on the idea of diverting attention away from the disturbing sounds heard by these patients. They make it easier to listen to external sounds again instead of concentrating on the annoying internal noise. A large number of patients with tinnitus are also affected by hearing loss. Siemens hearing instruments provide amplification that has also been shown to reduce patients’ focus on their tinnitus.

The most important part of the therapy process is the team of professionals that is working with the tinnitus patient. Technology cannot eliminate tinnitus; however what it can do is provide effective support during tinnitus therapy.

Additional therapy signals have been added to primax instruments. The four new modulated “ocean wave” sounds provide a more nature-like sound that many patients have found to be helpful. We have also added an additional broadband signal “brownian noise’ that resembles a waterfall or rainfall. The existing therapy signals include white noise, pink noise, speech noise and high tone noise. All the therapy signals can be shaped for each patient using the Connexx programming software.


Download the Tinnitus primax and binax Quick Fit Guide