We offer a wide range of hearing aids suitable to nearly any hearing need, comfort, and style preference. Our hearing aids are programmed to address individual hearing loss. Your hearing care professional will help you find the best possible solution for your hearing concerns. The following Signia hearing aids are available through your local VA center:



Stylish, easy to wear, and comfortable.

Small, elegant, and superbly discreet, the new Pure® redefines ease of listening. Combining sophistication with outstanding hearing, its powerful, advanced features let you hear effortlessly throughout the day. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, with Pure you can relax and enjoy every detail.



Longer-lasting comfort and convenience, and battery life. An outstanding hearing experience combined with optimum amplification, Carat™.




Cellion™ provides up to 24 hours of regular use on a single charge, so you don’t need to worry about your hearing aids running out of battery life unexpectedly.



Sleek and easy to control.

With a model to suit almost every hearing requirement, the new Motion® fits comfortably and discreetly behind your ear. Easy to adjust and control, it’s packed with functionality that lets you hear with ease all day long. Whatever the situation, you can simply relax and enjoy it.



Comfortable, discreet, and customized.

Tailor-made for the anatomy of your ear and your hearing loss, Insio™ is almost unnoticeable, and extremely discreet. Despite its tiny size, it’s packed with functionality that delivers effortless hearing across the entire Insio family.

Siemens Hearing Aids for Veterans

In addition to the Signia primax hearing aids shown above, the following Siemens hearing aids are also available to Veterans.

Nitro ITE

Nitro™ custom instruments feature super power with sophisticated technology for a convenient hearing experience more